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Automotive Shops and Dealerships

In search of an affordable, low-maintenance space to store, sell or clean cars, trucks or RVs? Pre-engineered steel buildings offer the space, flexibility and low overhead costs that your automotive business demands, and they also provide safe, secure spaces for collectors and automotive enthusiasts to store their vehicles and protect their valuable assets.

In addition to featuring clear-span designs that eliminate interior obstructions and free up more space to store or service vehicles, steel automotive buildings can offer high overhead clearance to accommodate RVs, automotive lifts and the like. If your personal or business needs include private bays, ventilation systems, insulation systems, or mezzanine or office space, among other possible customizations, steel automotive buildings can easily accommodate them.

Many of the metal automotive buildings Sunward Steel has supplied throughout its nearly 50-year history are currently in use as:

  • Private and public garages
  • Auto repair shops
  • Showrooms
  • Automotive & RV dealerships
  • Car washes

If you’re in the market for an affordable, versatile and environmentally friendly automotive building that is far less susceptible to the elements and other potential construction hazards than a standard wooden building, consider a metal automotive building. From private storage spaces for collectors and hobbyists to full-scale automotive commercial operations, we can help you find a building that meets your needs, complies with local building codes and saves you considerable money on erection, maintenance and life-long costs of ownership.

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