Self Storage Buildings in Dolores, Colorado

Steel Buildings, Inc., fabricated and supplied 4 pre-engineered self-storage buildings in Dolores, Colorado in 2008

Today, the buildings are in use as Boren Storage, a Colorado-based self-storage facility that can house everything from small, personal belongings to boats, automobiles, RV’s and other oversize items. Units sizes range from 5’x10’s to 20’x30’ units, varying in size to accommodate all storage needs.

Sourcing Steady Income

Ideal for use as residual income for business owners, mini storage buildings serve numerous other applications; multifunctional for leading leaseability options.  Prefabricated metal buildings offer affordable alternatives to wood construction. Always faster and cheaper to erect than other timber framed constructed options, pre-engineered metal buildings are also completely customizable in terms of size, roof height, insulation, aesthetics and more.

One of very few industries thought to be “recession-resistant,” the self-storage industry is undergoing rapid growth and is unlikely to experience a slowdown any time soon. Movement and ever-changing circumstances for individuals lead to booming business within this market. The need for reliable storage solutions remains consistent, and mini storage buildings can be a great investment for entrepreneurs looking to create a steady stream of revenue without having to perform a lot of maintenance.

Upon completion of construction in 2008, these steel structures continue to stand strong and anchored throughout continued heavy wear and the testy Colorado climate.

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Building Specifications

There are (4) buildings in total distributed across this property, featuring commercial grade, premium-quality steel fabrication: (3) 20’Wx125’Lx8’5”H & (1) 40’Wx150’Lx8’5”H. Distributed throughout the self-storage buildings are numerous overhead mini storage doors, varying in size & appropriated to individual units.

A 30-pound snow load and a 90-mph wind speed rating serve as additional accommodations made in consideration of the region’s typical weather patterns and in compliance with regional building codes.