Sunward Steel Buildings is the foremost manufacturer of high-quality steel buildings and the trusted provider for Bannock, Idaho. Elevate your projects with our durable and innovative structures tailored to meet the unique demands of the Bannock community.

With a commitment to superior craftsmanship and unmatched expertise, we deliver steel-building solutions that stand the test of time, ensuring your vision becomes a lasting reality. Choose Sunward for unmatched quality and reliability in every structure we create.

Our Buildings Cater To All Types Of Industries In Various Settings

Bannock, Idaho is renowned for its thriving industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, accommodation, food services, retail trade, and administrative services. To sustain the growth of these diverse sectors, a durable steel building is indispensable, and that’s where Sunward Steel excels. Our structures are engineered to support the unique needs of Bannock’s dynamic industries, ensuring longevity and reliability for businesses across the spectrum.

Your Complete Solution In An All-Inclusive Kit

Receive our steel buildings in a comprehensive kit that includes everything essential – from framing and wall sheets to fasteners, all the way to on-site delivery. Customize your building with a range of accessories, including insulation, doors, panels, and vents. For a modern aesthetic, explore various color options integrated into our trim packages, right down to the exterior screws. Your complete solution, all in one kit.

Gain Expert Guidance For Your Steel Building Project

We offer personalized assistance, helping you make informed decisions tailored to your project’s unique requirements. Trust in our expertise to navigate challenges and optimize your construction journey, making your building project in Bannock, Idaho a seamless and rewarding experience.



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