Located in the high-risk hurricane zone of Galliano, Louisiana, Sunward Steel stands as the foremost manufacturer of top-quality steel and metal building kits. With a legacy spanning over five decades, our structures have garnered trust for their unmatched quality and customizable features. Our extensive range encompasses doors, windows, rigid frames, modular frames, and more. Recognizing the particular challenges posed by the specific wind and snow load codes in the region, Sunward Steel Buildings is fully equipped to meet these requirements. Explore the diverse options in our building designs below, and when you’re ready, request a quote today.

Weather-resistant, Customizable, and Durable Steel Buildings

At Sunward Steel, our focus is on crafting steel buildings in Galliano that display three key qualities: weather resistance, durability, and customization.


Our structures are engineered to withstand a range of weather conditions. Whether facing harsh storms, extreme temperatures, or other environmental challenges, Sunward Steel buildings provide reliable protection.


Durability is at the core of our building design. We prioritize robust construction materials and techniques to ensure that our buildings stand strong over time in Galliano. From the framing to the finishes, every component is selected for its longevity and resilience.


Recognizing the diverse needs of our clients, Sunward Steel offers a high degree of customization. Tailor your Galliano building to meet specific requirements, from the layout to the finishing touches. Our commitment to customization ensures that your steel building is a perfect fit for your unique needs and preferences.

Let’s Build Together – Request Expert Guidance Today!

Choose Sunward Steel for weather-resistant, durable, and customizable steel buildings in Galliano, Louisiana that prioritize both strength and individuality. Contact us today.


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