Carports and Roof-Only Steel Buildings

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Metal Carports and Roof Only Buildings

Need to shelter your most valuable assets from the elements? Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc. is a leading provider of premium-quality, prefabricated metal carports, supplying more than 75,000 of these and other pre-engineered steel building kits to satisfied buyers across the nation and North America since its inception.

Our rugged, long-lasting steel carports shield cars, trucks, RVs, boats and toys from the potentially damaging effects of sunshine, rainwater, moisture and more, helping them retain both their beauty and resale value over time. Our simplified steel carport base buildings also eliminate the need to hire a contractor, saving you substantial money, and they are easily customizable in accordance with your unique storage needs.

Metal Carports & Roof Only Structures are perfect for:

  • Vehicle, RV, Boat or Motorcycle Storage
  • Hay Storage
  • Equipment & Tool Storage
  • Covered Parking
  • Recreational Shelters
  • Park Pavilions

Our metal carports are available in a broad range of styles, so whether you are after an open, roof-only type of structure or one with enclosed walls, we have something that can accommodate your needs. Our steel garages, metal homes and other pre-engineered steel buildings are also easily adaptable and inherently sustainable by design, so you can rest easy yours can be repurposed at the end of its long lifespan.

Frequently Asked Question

What’s the Average Cost of a Steel Building?

Steel buildings offer affordable, economical construction solutions for today’s cost-conscious buyers, but you may be asking yourself what, exactly, that really means. Ultimately, how much you can expect to pay per square foot can range broadly based on local building code requirements, the customization options… Read More

Can I Erect My Metal Building Myself?

Sunward Steel Buildings offers several metal building kits that can be the perfect solution for the DIY contractor. Our pre-engineered steel buildings come pre-punched, pre-cut, pre-welded, and labeled for easy to understand erection. Read More

Are Local Building Codes Mandatory For Building Purchase?

You may have questions about whether your building will need to conform to any particular building code requirements when you erect it. The short answer is, yes, you do need to make sure your building will adhere to any county or state building code… Read More

How Can I Customize My Steel Building?

At Sunward Steel, we field a wide range of questions from our clients, and one we commonly hear involves exactly how potential buyers can customize their pre-engineered steel buildings to meet their unique needs. The short answer is, there are near-endless methods you can utilize… Read More

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