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Steel Carports by Sunward Steel Buildings

In today’s fast-paced world, the need for secure and cost-effective vehicle storage solutions is more evident than ever. With the rise in the number of vehicle owners and hobbyists seeking to protect their vehicles from the elements, prefabricated steel buildings are increasingly the top choice for building carports. Sunward Steel’s steel structures offer affordable, quick to assemble, and low-maintenance construction options that can meet a wide range of storage and protective needs.

Constructing carports often involves particular requirements, such as ensuring adequate protection against environmental elements, and ensuring the structure is sturdy and durable. Steel buildings are entirely customizable so they can accommodate any number of design, climate-control, or storage needs. Tough and dependable, they offer wide clear-spans (up to 200’ wide) that provide ample space for storing vehicles and high overhead clearance perfect for accommodating tall vehicles or stacking smaller ones.

Fusing Practicality With Style

While some buyers opt for steel carports purely for storage purposes, others envisage them as multifunctional structures. They can serve as workshops, charging stations, or even leisure areas. Sunward Steel’s pre-engineered steel buildings can effortlessly meet these diverse needs, providing robust, damage-resistant spaces to store and work while also serving as stylish, aesthetic additions to any property.

Sunward Steel’s versatile pre-engineered metal buildings often find their purpose as:

  • Single vehicle carports
  • Multi-vehicle carports
  • RV shelters
  • Boat covers
  • Workshop areas
  • Charging stations
  • Leisure spaces

Sunward Steel’s carports are economical and easy to adjust and expand, should a vehicle owner develop a need for more parking spaces, more workshop room, or more storage area. Our knowledgeable team can also help you comply with any building code requirements currently in place at your intended build site, and we can even connect you with a reliable contractor in your area who can help you erect your new carport or other residential building, if needed.

What Is Included With My Building Purchase?


  • Engineered Certified Plans & Drawings
  • Primary & Secondary Framing
  • Roof & Wall Sheeting with Siphon Groove
  • Complete Trim & Closure Package
  • Long Life Fasteners
  • Mastic Sealant
  • Ridge Cap
  • Pre-Marked Parts
  • In House Manufacturing In One Of Our 3 Local US Factories
  • Delivery to Site
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  • Insulation Packages
  • Insulated Metal Panels
  • Thermal Blocks
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Vents
  • Fans
  • Skylights
  • Solar Panels
  • Wainscot
  • Cupolas
  • Gutters & Downspouts
  • Exterior Finishes


Ash Gray Steel Panels  Ash Gray Burnished Slate Steel Building Color  Burnished Slate Light Stone Steel Panels  Light Stone Saddle Tan Steel Panels  Saddle Tan Hunter Green Steel Panels  Hunter Green
  Koko Brown Charcoal Steel Panels  Charcoal Hawaiian Blue Steel Building Color  Hawaiian Blue Polar White Steel Panels  Polar White Rustic Red Steel Building Color  Rustic Red
Rustic Red Steel Building Color  Black

Frequently Asked Question

Can I Erect My Metal Building Myself?

Sunward Steel Buildings offers several metal building kits that can be the perfect solution for the DIY contractor. Our pre-engineered steel buildings come pre-punched, pre-cut, pre-welded, and labeled for easy to understand erection. Read More

Are Local Building Codes Mandatory For Building Purchase?

You may have questions about whether your building will need to conform to any particular building code requirements when you erect it. The short answer is, yes, you do need to make sure your building will adhere to any county or state building code… Read More

How Can I Customize My Steel Building?

At Sunward Steel, we field a wide range of questions from our clients, and one we commonly hear involves exactly how potential buyers can customize their pre-engineered steel buildings to meet their unique needs. The short answer is, there are near-endless methods you can utilize… Read More

What Roof Pitch is Best for My Metal Building?

When designing a pre-engineered metal building, one of the main decisions you will have to make involves what type of roof pitch you’d like your structure to have. The roof pitch, or the slope of your building’s roof, determines how many inches your roof rises… Read More

What’s The Difference Between A Broker And A Manufacturer?

You have options when buying a pre-engineered steel building, both in terms of product and provider. Most steel building suppliers are either brokers, meaning they serve as middlemen between manufacturers and customers, or manufacturers, meaning they handle all aspects of design and creation in-house… Read More

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