Find Your Perfect Steel Structure with Sunward Steel

Looking for top-tier steel buildings in Lakewood, Colorado? Look no further than Sunward Steel. With a rich legacy spanning back to 1972, Sunward Steel has been a leading force in manufacturing exceptional steel buildings, delivering over 75,000 quality structures worldwide. 

Our family-owned company has taken immense pride in being a pillar of excellence in the steel building industry for more than five decades. At Sunward Steel, we pledge to accompany you from the initial phases of planning through to the successful completion of your project. 

You can trust that we are dedicated to being a customer-centric steel-building business. We are proud to say that all our steel buildings are made in America! Each Sunward Steel building is crafted in our advanced U.S. factories, where we have invested millions in modern equipment for consistent innovation and construction excellence.

Your Trusted Partner in Superior Steel Buildings

Sunward Steel takes the security of your property seriously. That’s why all our steel buildings come equipped with our patented Anti-Leak System®, providing unparalleled protection for your valuable assets. Our expertise spans a diverse array of pre-engineered and prefabricated steel building projects tailored to your specific needs. 

Sunward Steel stands ready to provide superior craftsmanship and unwavering customer service. We are committed to providing the highest quality products and services available in today’s steel-building market. 

Our highly trained staff will work with you every step of the way, from initial consultation to final inspection. We will work with you to address any questions or concerns during the planning stages of your project, researching options for structural integrity, energy efficiency, enhanced aesthetics, and other important considerations. During the construction phase, we remain in constant communication with you until completion. 

A Comprehensive Array of Steel Building Options

At Sunward Steel, we understand that every project is unique. That’s why we offer an extensive array of steel building options to cater to a wide range of requirements. Some of the steel structures we provide include:

Agricultural Steel Buildings

Customized structures designed to meet the specific demands of the agricultural industry.

Equestrian and Barn Steel Buildings

Tailored solutions to house and support your valuable livestock and equestrian assets. Our equestrian and barn metal buildings can be designed for open-air, partially enclosed, or completely enclosed structures.

Custom Commercial Steel Buildings

Robust and versatile structures that serve the demands of diverse commercial ventures like distribution centers, factories, and more. Our commercial steel building solutions are tailored to meet the needs of your business operations. Whether you need rental storage spaces, for your boats, RVs, or for personal use, we have a solution.

Residential Steel Buildings

Structures that offer flexibility as well as privacy in beautiful styles for your home or cottage.  Our residential steel buildings are customizable to create an inviting atmosphere that’s consistent with your unique vision. From residential garages to unique bardominiums, our expertise knows no bounds. 

Industrial Steel Buildings

Structures designed and manufactured for production, processing, and storage purposes. Sunward Steel offers a diverse range of steel structures that cater to various large-scale industries, including oil and gas. Our industrial steel buildings can be customized to include various areas such as shop space, loading bays, overhead cranes or conveyors, and more. 

Elegant Steel Office Spaces and Banks

Efficient and modern spaces are designed to accommodate the unique needs of businesses and financial institutions. Our steel office and bank spaces can be constructed in a variety of sizes, shapes, and configurations. We also offer design-build services to help you create the perfect office space.

Multi-Functional Steel Retail Spaces

Our eye-catching and functional retail steel buildings are built to maximize customer engagement and sales. We offer a range of customizable options to create the ideal retail space that meets your needs.

Versatile Steel Community Buildings

Rest assured, our durable and community-oriented steel structures are specifically designed to serve various communal needs. Whether it’s schools, religious buildings, gymnasiums, transportation hubs, or government buildings, our structures are tailored for diverse purposes. 

Warehouse Steel Buildings

Versatile and spacious warehouse solutions catering to diverse storage needs. Our steel buildings are ideal for storing equipment, materials, and products in a secure manner. We also offer a wide selection of customizable solutions to enable an optimized warehouse space.

The list doesn’t end here. Our custom solutions ensure that your unique vision can be brought to life efficiently and effectively. With our experienced team of professionals guiding you through the entire process, rest assured that your steel structure will be built on time and with the utmost quality. You can rely on us to ensure that everything is executed in full compliance with strict building codes and regulations.

The Sunward Steel Advantage

Sunward Steel boasts an extensive network of industry contacts and strategic partnerships, which have been nurtured over the years. This network grants us invaluable access to skilled contractors, proficient building erectors, and highly skilled architects. With these resources at our disposal, we ensure a streamlined and efficient construction process, guaranteeing the success of your steel building project.

Get in touch with Sunward Steel today and let us help you create the perfect steel building solution in Lakewood, Colorado!


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