Municipal Building

Government and Municipal Buildings

Durable, affordable and designed to last, pre-engineered steel buildings are a top choice among those seeking economical government or municipal building solutions. Because taxpayers want to see their money put to the best possible use, budget is often a top priority when it comes to erecting firehouses, police stations, public works facilities and other public properties, and premanufactured steel buildings offer an affordable, low-maintenance alternative to traditional wood construction.

Not only are prefabricated metal municipal buildings easy and quick to erect, slashing construction time and saving communities substantial money, but they also offer low lifetime maintenance costs, resulting in even more savings for buyers.

At Sunward Steel, we have a more than 45-year history designing and manufacturing pre-engineered metal government and municipal buildings for communities across the United States and North America, including:

  • Firehouses
  • Military structures
  • Police stations
  • Public works buildings
  • Federal center buildings
  • County headquarters
  • Town and city halls
  • Schools
  • Public libraries
  • Sand and salt storage sheds
  • Government offices

Today’s steel buildings don’t have to look like industrial operations or skyscrapers – instead, modern steel buildings are available with a broad range of aesthetic touches and architectural elements and are easily customizable so they can fit the look and feel of a particular geographic or downtown area.

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