Your Trusted Manufacturer Of Premium Steel Buildings

At Sunward Steel, our commitment to excellence and innovation is deeply ingrained in our ethos, driving us to continuously push the boundaries of steel-building solutions. Since our establishment in 1972, we have proudly crafted over 75,000 steel buildings worldwide, solidifying our reputation as industry leaders. This extensive track record not only underscores our proficiency but also serves as a testament to our unwavering dedication to delivering structures that stand the test of time. 

As we kick off each project, our goal remains clear: to seamlessly blend durability with design, ensuring that your dream building becomes a lasting reality shaped by the precision and expertise that define Sunward Steel.

Unparalleled Features for Unrivaled Quality

Our commitment to quality extends to engineering and manufacturing, ensuring that every building meets or exceeds local building codes. With in-house manufacturing across our three local U.S. factories, we deliver top-notch steel buildings to your doorstep.

Our buildings are equipped with exclusive features that ensure a comprehensive and robust building system. From standard base trim on all buildings to a full wrap trim on doors, windows, gables, eaves, and corners, we pay meticulous attention to every detail. 

Our siphon groove sheeting with hi-rib panels effectively disperses water, preventing moisture damage to insulation and rusting of fasteners. With double-sided flange bracing on frames, an exceptionally sturdy main frame haunch, and colored base trim, we prioritize both durability and aesthetic appeal, delivering superior quality.

Diverse Steel Building Applications

Sunward Steel prides itself on the adaptability of our steel buildings, designed to cater to an extensive array of needs. Whether your vision involves an expansive agricultural facility, a sophisticated commercial space, a dynamic community center, an efficient manufacturing plant, a spacious warehouse, or a completely custom project, we possess the expertise to breathe life into your ideas. 

Our commitment goes beyond providing a structure; it involves a collaborative journey where your unique requirements steer our design process, ensuring that each project is a tailored reflection of your aspirations and functional needs. At Sunward Steel, we are dedicated to being your partners at every step, fostering a collaborative environment that transforms your concepts into tangible, high-quality steel buildings.

Global Reach, Local Commitment

Sunward Steel ships nationally and internationally, reaching satisfied buyers across the U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and the Caribbean. We operate strategically located factories in North Dakota and South Carolina, facilitating efficient shipping to both the western and eastern halves of the continental U.S. Additionally, we proudly serve customers in Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and the Caribbean, ensuring timely delivery of prefabricated building kits.

Sunward Steel’s Strong Network and Commitment to Excellence

If you require any further assistance, we are here to help. Sunward Steel’s extensive network of industry contacts and strategic partnerships ensures unrivaled results in New Market, Maryland. Our unwavering commitment to excellence is evident in our access to accomplished contractors, expert building erectors, and highly skilled architects. 

By choosing Sunward Steel for your steel building project in New Market, you opt for a seamless and efficient construction process backed by years of expertise and a steadfast dedication to your satisfaction. Get in touch with us to begin your journey today. Let Sunward Steel be your trusted partner for steel-building success.


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