Commercial & Retail Steel Building Kits

Economical, versatile and easy to erect and maintain, pre-engineered steel buildings make ideal commercial and retail operations. Whether you need to adapt your building for use as a restaurant, store, office complex, medical facility or another type of commercial entity, we can help you create a steel commercial or retail building that accommodates you, your staff and your customers’ specific needs.

Commercial steel buildings can be customized to fit your exact business needs. Some common building sizes are

  • 40×60
  • 50×100
  • 50×200
100x200 Steel Building

Popular Commercial / Retail Building Sizes

40’x60’ Commercial & Retail Buildings 

Perfect for small retail outlets, locally owned hardware or auto parts purveyors and other small-to-medium-sized business ventures, Sunward Steel’s 40’x60’ commercial and retail buildings boast open, clear-span designs you can customize in line with your needs. Whether you need accommodations for a commercial kitchen, ample space for storing and displaying products or the infrastructure necessary for a high-tech medical facility, a 40’x60’ commercial or retail building can provide an affordable, adaptable and low-maintenance building solution that adheres to your specific objectives.

50’x100’ Commercial & Retail Buildings

Sunward Steel’s 50’x100’ commercial and retail buildings are a top choice among those looking to create strip malls, breweries, wineries, auto shops and other commercial or retail operations. No longer must steel buildings look industrial or “skyscraper-like” in nature – instead, you can utilize any number of customization options to make your 50’x100’ commercial or retail building uniquely yours, from glass-front entryways and skylights to veneers and other elements that enhance aesthetics and curb appeal. 

50’x200’ Commercial & Retail Buildings 

Sunward Steel’s expansive, fully customizable 50’x200’ pre-engineered commercial and retail buildings are ideal for those seeking building solutions for medium-to-large businesses, with many who purchase them using them as storage facilities, strip malls, medical offices and other types of commercial and retail operations. Whether your needs involve storing and displaying goods, creating room for administrative operations, treating patients or performing automotive tasks, we can help you design and outfit a prefabricated commercial or retail building that accomplishes your unique objectives.

Price Your Commercial Steel Building

What Is Included With My Building Purchase

• Engineered Certified Plans & Drawings
• Primary & Secondary Framing
• Roof & Wall Sheeting with Siphon Groove
• Complete Trim & Closure Package
• Long Life Fasteners
• Mastic Sealant
• Ridge Cap
• Pre-Marked Parts
• In House Manufacturing In One Of Our 3 Local US Factories
• Delivery to Site

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