Self-Storage Building Kits

It’s an industry Forbes recently dubbed “recession-proof,” and when today’s entrepreneurs are looking to enter or expand an existing business within the always-thriving self-storage industry, they rely on Sunward Steel to help them get started. Our rugged, economical pre-engineered steel mini storage buildings give you the foundation you need to grow your business while providing a safe, secure space for your clients to store goods.

Self-Storage Buildings can be customized to any dimension. Here are some Popular Self-Storage Building Sizes:

  • 20×100
  • 30×100
  • 40×100

Popular Self-Storage Building Sizes

20’x100’ Steel Self Storage Buildings

One of our most popular self storage building sizes, our 20’x100’ prefabricated steel self-storage buildings offer ideal storage solutions for today’s cost-conscious business owners. Offering unmatched strength and protection for stored goods, our buildings are easily customizable to ensure compliance with local and regional building codes. Our pre-engineered building kits also arrive at your jobsite precisely labeled and ready to erect, saving you substantially on labor costs by slashing construction time.

30’x100’ Steel Self Storage Buildings

Economical, adaptable and easy to maintain, our 30’x100’ prefabricated metal self storage buildings are ideal for all climates, and we can customize yours in accordance with your preferences and local building code requirements. A convenient, secure storage option for today’s increasingly consumerist society, steel self-storage facilities typically offer a considerable return-on-investment as well as a foundation for success in a recession and inflation-proof industry.

40’x100’ Steel Self Storage Buildings

Sunward Steel is a single-source manufacturer and supplier of premium-quality pre-engineered steel self-storage buildings, and our 40’x100’ steel mini storage building is one of our most popular base models. Split into multiple, rentable bays, steel self-storage facilities are easy to erect and equally easy to maintain, standing strong in the face of harsh weather, pests and other hazards while offering unrivaled protection for stored goods.

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