Cold-Formed Steel Buildings

If you are on the hunt for a metal building that is smaller, lighter and easier to assemble than a traditional steel building, consider a cold-formed steel building. Lightweight, robust and economical, these buildings are well-suited for a wide range of metal building applications and have high strength-to-weight ratios, making them durable, affordable alternatives to other steel building types.

“Cold formed” refers to a manufacturing process where, rather than welding a building’s structural components, these components undergo fabrication through a variety of “cold” procedures, creating C-sections and other shapes used to construct your building. Cold-formed steel buildings made ideal:

  • Shops and workshops
  • Garages and carports
  • Barns
  • Farm and agricultural buildings
  • Storage buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Accessory dwelling units (ADU’s)

Cold-formed steel buildings have also become increasingly popular in specific industries and environments, increasingly serving as the base for college dorms, nursing homes, hotels and similar low- to mid-rise building projects.

Benefits of Cold-Formed Steel Buildings

Cold-formed steel buildings offer the following benefits.

  • Affordability

Cold-formed buildings are typically more affordable than traditional metal buildings once you factor in erection costs, scrap disposal expenses, shortened construction cycles and similar expenditures.

  • Ease of erection

Cold-formed steel buildings can undergo construction using minimal tools and are lighter and easier to work with and erect than traditional steel buildings. This can save you substantial time and money on erection costs. The shorter construction time may also lead to savings in terms of crane, scaffold and similar rental expenses.

  • Fast shipping times

These buildings are also easier to prep and ship than traditional buildings, meaning you can have all building components ready to raise on your jobsite much faster than you might otherwise.

  • Fire resistance

Cold-formed steel buildings are non-combustible, meaning they are highly resistant to fire. They can also handle hefty seismic loads despite their lightweight nature, making cold-formed steel a durable, resilient construction option.

When you want a pre-engineered steel building that is lightweight, resilient and easy to build and want it shipped to your build site within a tight timeline, a cold-formed steel building may be a smart and economical solution.